Don’t shock us Akshay! You have always been proud of your own movies, even if it was a flop ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ or a ‘Tees Maar Khan’. And taking into consideration the performance of filmmaker Shirish Kunder’s first movie signed with the actor titled ‘Jaan-e-Man’ that also starred Preity Zinta and Salman Khan, it is worthwhile that Akshay should be expectant than swollen with pride.


Akshay Kumar has appreciated Shirish Kunder for his commitment and confidence for making the forthcoming film ‘Joker’, which is said to be a sci-fi film surrounded with the ingredients of aliens, prohibited forests, crop fields and forsaken villages. Further, the filmmaker has decided to make the movie in 3D version. The khiladi king personally feels it takes a lot of hard work and information to make a movie in 3D and is proud to be a part of such a narrative experiment.

Rumor has it that, the makers of ‘Joker’ have spent massive amounts of revenues to upright detailed sets for the movie in Chandigarh and Mumbai. Akshay has also applauded the set designers of Joker for their flawless work. The star has mentioned that the village and forest sets of Joker are the most sensible sets he has ever worked on in his extended career. Akshay will also seen in Housefull 2 and Desi Boyz. We hope that this time with Joker Akshay’s success graph reaches the top list.

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Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar had worked with filmmaker Shirish Kunder for the first time in Jaan-E-Mann. Prior to this, Akshay went on to build up a relationship with the director that led to the declaration of his upcoming film Joker. Many were shocked if this was too much of an research, what with sci-fi and alien component forming a most important part of the drama and to top it up, the use of 3D technology.


On the other hand, the star as well as the director jammed to their guns. Now that the movie is close to 60 percent complete, Akshay is overjoyed with the way Joker is turning out to be in 3D.Akshay mentioned that ne just can’t say that let him move forward and make a 3D movie because he want to make one’ for sure.

The khiladi king also stated that a person has to be knowledgeable and in no doubt enough to jott down a content that allows a 3D movie to look mesmerizing enough to produce an extraordinary piece of cinema. One has to candid enough to the movie and Shirish has shown true passion and assurance in the making of Joker. This is one project that Akki is very proud. The star has just returned from London after an broad shooting schedule of his another upcoming film Housefull 2.

There has been quite a lot penned about the village set and an entire jungle which were vertical in Chandigarh and Mumbai respectively. Though there have been controversies which have suggested that each of the sets cost approximately Rs. 3 crores each, one is yet to grasp even a quick look of them. When would the presentation happen? Guess for viewers though, that they have to wait for more time as Joker is still a few months away from release.

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Khiladi king Akshay Kumar has actually been busy shooting for his forthcoming Bollywood project Housefull 2 in London currently, even as many of his buddies from Bollywood industry were having fun in Toronto at a movie awards event. Having been announced as the ambassador for India by the Canadian Tourism Commission,

Akshay Kumar

a person obviously expects that the daring actor who loves challenges would have make his presence felt at the special function, but his fans were to a certain extent thwarted when Akki did not turn up.The official reason that was stated was that Akshay couldn’t spare time from his other commitments. But bizarrely enough though the superstar could not wring off even a day for the event. But on the other side, Akki did however managed to take two days off to fluff up wife Twinkle away on a romantic journey to Rome.

What was even more shocking was the truth that Akshay Kumar’s Housefull2 co-star, Riteish Deshmukh attended the event, how would’ve Riteish managed to make to IIFA when he’s been shooting for the same film. This candidly allowed several of mouths to utter about Akshay not willing to attend the show, as he strongly felt that Shahrukh Khan was getting all the attention there. Despite the fact that the two are not sharing cordial relationship, they aren’t rivals either, even though they are for sure arch competitors when it comes to box office star supremacy. But those close to Akshay called these rumours merely as rubbish.

The sources reveal that few months ago, Akshay’s been busy with the hectic shoot schedules. After his Joker shoot in Chandigarh, he went off to London for DesiBoyz and then from there he went without delay to South Africa to shoot for his television show. When he came back home, he again got busy with Joker and the TV show shoot and then went to London to shoot for Housefull 2. In between all these professional commitments he’s also been shooting for his brand endorsements. So, whatever time the star gets he tries to spend with his family. Riteish was not required for the scenes for some days so he was free to attend the IIFA Awards event.

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On-screen enmity of Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan has now taken a new shape with things boiling up at the front of Housefull 2. So while Yash Chopra have already declared of planning to of bring their Salman Khan starrer Ek Tha Tiger on the same day as Housefull 2, Sajid Nadiadwala too isn’t lacking behind.

Salman Khan amd Akshay Kumar

A source revealed that while Sajid Nadiadwala is already forcing his team to finish the shooting of the flick as soon as possible, he has also occupied his marketing and promotion team to come forward with creative ideas to make “Housefull 2” a big success than “Ek Tha Tiger”. Amongst many opinions that have been placed in the front, the one which has moved Sajid is the one which will cost him around a crore investment.This spending comes from a competition that would be conducted as quick as six months before Housefull 2 hit the theaters worldwide.

However at the same time informations of this contest is still being kept under wraps for fear that once it is out participants get a much longer time to prepare. With the help of an insider we got to know that Salman’s warning of Ek Tha Tiger alarming big, Sajid has left with no other option but to increase the budget ahead to be in the lead in the race. Housefull 2 is anyhow the expensive budget movie ever being made by him. Now with real residences being given as gifts to viewers, anticipate the movie’s financial investment to extra fly. Given the kind of games in the channel, many in the Hindi film fraternity are speculating about the approach that Salman and Yash Chopra would be taking to oppose Sajid’s movement.

It has been heard that if Akshay would be giving over the house keys to the contestant who wins, what would Salman give for Ek Tha Tiger? Guess?? A tiger possibly? But then that won’t be original moreover. After all the khiladi king has already gifted one house to Lara Dutta and Riteish Deshmukh earlier. Don’t forget that scene from Housefull where Akshay Kumar brings a tiger home, in the same way our Dabangg actor must have something really unique and more creative in his mind to win the race. Whatsoever actually took place in the final stage, the fact remains the same that the fight between the two stars has just flamed up and inspite of their yaarana, neither Sajid nor Salman is interested to surrender.

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At a moment when the big name Shahrukh Khan is seen busy getting hold of bets in smaller firms, another Bollywood star Akshay Kumar as rumours suggests is investing his capital where he is guaranteed the best returns. According to reports, the star is interested to attain more possessions, not only in India but also on international front. Akshay Kumar as it appears also wants to build up some of the properties that the actor acquires.

Akshay Kumar

Presently, Akshay is one of the few Hindi film industry actors who has in all probability acquired a lot of properties, both in the country and abroad. In fact, only freshly there were buzz that the bigwig wants to buy a whole mount for himself in Canada.Some sources reveal that Akshay wants to buy more properties. For candid reasons nonentity would be able to obtain the element of the entire list of properties that he owns, but anybody working with him will know that he owns a house in Lokhandwala,

a bungalow in Juhu and a plush duplex in Bandra respectively. We don’t know for certain if Akki has more properties in the town or not but we know that he has bought some land in the outer areas, where he is looking forward to build a holiday home. But still nothing can be said about this.Akshay Kumar has also been investing in chattels outside Mumbai and another new purchase is on Anjuna beach in Goa. It has been revealed that there’s a awesome Portuguese bungalow near Anjuna beach and his loving wife Twinkle was keen on buying the property.

Akshay decided to buy it as soon as possible for her. The khiladi has also bought a couple of properties in Canada which contains luxurious residences and a Bungalow. Akshay has some properties in Canada too and it is a known fact about an apartment that he has bought there too. He might have one more bungalow overthere. Currently it has been revealed that Akshay Kumar has also invested in a holiday home in Mauritius.

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This month’s issue of the most famous People Magazine is surrounded with the most amazing bodies. And who better than our superstar Akshay Kumar to feature in it, who undoubtedly has one of the best physical appearance in Bollywood industry.Akshay Kumar discuss about how he supervises to stay so fit even when he is 44. He will be disclosing the meticulous fitness mantra behind his physical type, which includes martial arts, parkour, yoga, basketball, volleyball, kickboxing, swimming, cycling, trekking, and so on.

 Akshay Kumar

Akshay even stated that when a fitness activist like John Abraham says to him, ‘Guruji, you are poisonous it makes the actor feel good, because John has the biggest muscles in the film industry and seems like he could easily squash him in seconds if he wanted to.Last year Kareena Kapoor launched the People Magazine. Bollywood’s hot and much in love some years before couple Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor flaunted their relationship to the heart till when they were not separated.Both Ranbir and Deepika in 2008 graced the cover of People magazine where both of them revealed about how love happened ti them. Now Deepika is spotted dating Siddharth Mallya,

the big shot and ofcourse, Ranbir Kapoor is heading with the title of casonova as he’s been flirting all the time round.Lara Dutta also starred on the cover of People Magazine for the month of December 2010. Lara Dutta who is now married to tennis flawless player Mahesh Bhupathi revealed about her relationship with Mahesh and how they decided to spent their rest of the life together. For those fans who just go gaga over Akshay, grab your copy now!!!Joker, Desi Boyz and Housefull 2 are the most awaited films starring Akshay Kumar in the main role.

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Two big movies clashing together mostly end up with the consumption into each other’s profit. Producers of actors Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar’s forthcoming flicks, however, are least concerned about this fact. Both stars are going to clash at the box-office this time not once but twice next year! A moment ago, Yash Raj Films announced that their determined project with Salman Ek Tha Tiger will release on June 1, 2012. Now, Sajid Nadiadwala has also decided to release his movie Housefull 2, featuring Akshay, on the same day.


The conflict of the two well known celebrities doesn’t conclude here. On Eid next year, Salman’s Sher Khan, produced by brother Sohail, and Akshay’s Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2, under Balaji Motion Pictures’ banner, will hit screens concurrently. This is one of the rarest of the fewcases where two big stars will clash more than once in a year. Let’s hope there are no calamitous results due to the clash. Salman Khan will be starred opposite Katrina Kaif his ex-girlfriend.

It is said that both movies have their relevant reasons for accomplishment behind the release date as people associated with the flicks think that the date is perfect for their release.

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