Akshay Kumar’s land mania


At a moment when the big name Shahrukh Khan is seen busy getting hold of bets in smaller firms, another Bollywood star Akshay Kumar as rumours suggests is investing his capital where he is guaranteed the best returns. According to reports, the star is interested to attain more possessions, not only in India but also on international front. Akshay Kumar as it appears also wants to build up some of the properties that the actor acquires.

Akshay Kumar

Presently, Akshay is one of the few Hindi film industry actors who has in all probability acquired a lot of properties, both in the country and abroad. In fact, only freshly there were buzz that the bigwig wants to buy a whole mount for himself in Canada.Some sources reveal that Akshay wants to buy more properties. For candid reasons nonentity would be able to obtain the element of the entire list of properties that he owns, but anybody working with him will know that he owns a house in Lokhandwala,

a bungalow in Juhu and a plush duplex in Bandra respectively. We don’t know for certain if Akki has more properties in the town or not but we know that he has bought some land in the outer areas, where he is looking forward to build a holiday home. But still nothing can be said about this.Akshay Kumar has also been investing in chattels outside Mumbai and another new purchase is on Anjuna beach in Goa. It has been revealed that there’s a awesome Portuguese bungalow near Anjuna beach and his loving wife Twinkle was keen on buying the property.

Akshay decided to buy it as soon as possible for her. The khiladi has also bought a couple of properties in Canada which contains luxurious residences and a Bungalow. Akshay has some properties in Canada too and it is a known fact about an apartment that he has bought there too. He might have one more bungalow overthere. Currently it has been revealed that Akshay Kumar has also invested in a holiday home in Mauritius.

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