Why did Akki gave a miss to IIFA Awards


Khiladi king Akshay Kumar has actually been busy shooting for his forthcoming Bollywood project Housefull 2 in London currently, even as many of his buddies from Bollywood industry were having fun in Toronto at a movie awards event. Having been announced as the ambassador for India by the Canadian Tourism Commission,

Akshay Kumar

a person obviously expects that the daring actor who loves challenges would have make his presence felt at the special function, but his fans were to a certain extent thwarted when Akki did not turn up.The official reason that was stated was that Akshay couldn’t spare time from his other commitments. But bizarrely enough though the superstar could not wring off even a day for the event. But on the other side, Akki did however managed to take two days off to fluff up wife Twinkle away on a romantic journey to Rome.

What was even more shocking was the truth that Akshay Kumar’s Housefull2 co-star, Riteish Deshmukh attended the event, how would’ve Riteish managed to make to IIFA when he’s been shooting for the same film. This candidly allowed several of mouths to utter about Akshay not willing to attend the show, as he strongly felt that Shahrukh Khan was getting all the attention there. Despite the fact that the two are not sharing cordial relationship, they aren’t rivals either, even though they are for sure arch competitors when it comes to box office star supremacy. But those close to Akshay called these rumours merely as rubbish.

The sources reveal that few months ago, Akshay’s been busy with the hectic shoot schedules. After his Joker shoot in Chandigarh, he went off to London for DesiBoyz and then from there he went without delay to South Africa to shoot for his television show. When he came back home, he again got busy with Joker and the TV show shoot and then went to London to shoot for Housefull 2. In between all these professional commitments he’s also been shooting for his brand endorsements. So, whatever time the star gets he tries to spend with his family. Riteish was not required for the scenes for some days so he was free to attend the IIFA Awards event.

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