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Those were the days when Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar was considered one of the most reliable actors in the film industry. However, it seems that the actor’s movies haven’t been able even draw a good start at the box office. Akki needs to worry as not only has his Diwali release Action Replayy badly failed […]

The latest buzz is that the personified bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is keeping no stone unturned for the promotion of his upcoming film Action Replayy. Akshay Kumar who is also a host to the new cookery show MasterChef India is now aiming the reality show KBC 4 to promote his film. It is said that […]

You must have seen actors making appearances on reality shows to promote their upcoming movies, but this time you could witness a different kind of promotional campaign. The latest buzz is that Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Zee have come together for Action Replayy and Diwali. The event will showcase Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, […]

Akki gets hurt


There were lot of fans who stucked the backdoor too. Akshay Kumar, Vipul Shah and Aditya had no choice but to push their way through the smaller gate at the backdoor. In the movement Akshay Kumar was injured. Vipul Shah told that it was a nightmare. The incident took everybody a good half an hour […]

Bollywood style icon Akshay Kumar reportedly promoted his upcoming sci- fiction romantic comedy genre movie Action Replayy also starring the gorgeous actress Aishwarya Rai in Mumbai. During the promotion of the film, the actor played his favourite songs from the 1970s list at the retro-music and the actor also danced to it’s tunes as a […]

Blame it on the common date issues, but actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan won’t be present at the Action Replay retro musical event, which was scheduled for September 30. After the Ayodhya verdict was delayed, actor Akshay Kumar and producer-director Vipul Shah decided to reschedule the event. Aishwarya Rai who was not present when the first […]

Akki the DJ


The latest buzz that created waves all around the tinsel town this time is that bollywood action star Akshay Kumar will turn into a disc jockey (DJ) for an event where he will mix popular tunes from the ’70s to promote his upcoming flick Action Replay. Since the story of the film is based in […]