Live a healthy life says Akki



Last April, Bollywood’s khiladi king Akshay Kumar flatterly denied a money-spinning contract with a gutka company stating that he did not want to send a wrong message to the today’s young generetion. The star, who has endorsed cigarettes and alcohol brands earlier, declared that he is a changed person now. Further the star added that he’s the dad of a boy who watches television like normally every kid do watch. Akshay can understand if parents get sad on seeing a movie star promoting injurious products like alcohol or tobacco.

The Bollywood celebrity, who is an promoter of martial arts and known for his fitness, does not smoke, remain far away from drinking habit and is known to direct a healthy lifestyle. The actor clarifies that he doesn’t touch cigarettes or liquor. He goes to the gym on a regular basis and run early in the mornings. The actor have continued this system for the last twenty two years. A few years ago, Akshay Kumar was tagged as the youth role model by The World Alliance for Youth Empowerment, an NGO that has its presence in more than hundred countries.

Akshay candidly asserted that he believes that film stars should use their audience appeal for a good cause. If his lifestyle inspires even a handful of people, he will feel happy that he have been part of a good cause. The most bankable stars in Bollywood as researched, the actor wants that the people should give up the habits which affect their health. Akshay Kumar pointed out that appearance is most important since he belongs to the entertainment world. Being a teetotaller has helped the superstar remain able-bodied and keep looking good every time. Joker, Housefull 2 and Desi Boyz are the upcoming movies starring Akki in the main lead.

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